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SLI Energy Solutions

"Professionally Engineered & Installed Energy Solutions."

SLI Energy Solutions is a new partnership between SLI Engineering (est. 1971) and Kendrick Electric (est. 1969) which will enable home and business owners of El Paso and southern New Mexico to have a company founded on values, integrity, quality workmanship and teamwork providing an alternative to the high costs of electricity from their electric company.

Solar Energy has never been more affordable; and, with low financing rates and attractive government incentives, the customer will see immediate savings and reduced operating costs, through lower electricity bills.

You probably didn't know this but electricity rates vary with the time of day and the season. "Peak Load" electricity which is the electricity that customers use during the afternoon of a hot summer day, costs more than electricity provided during the morning. SOLAR energy provides peak load energy during the time one needs it the most - during the middle of a hot summer day!

SLI Solar Solutions team of professionals provides structural engineering, electrical engineering, solar electric system design, procurement management and installation services tailored around the client’s needs. SLI will also handle all permits, inspections, rebates and interconnection paperwork with the electric company.


With electric rates projected to continue to increase for the foreseeable future coupled with the decreased costs over the past several years of solar electric systems there has never been a better reason or time to invest in a solar electric system. The U.S. government currently offers financial incentives to the homeowner— along with decreased solar equipment costs—makes solar living one of the soundest investments you can make all the while decreasing ones dependence on the local electric company.


  1. The solar panel collects energy from the sun throughout the day where it then converts this energy into electricity.
  2. The electricity produced from the solar panels travels to an inverter where it is converted from DC power to AC power for household use.
  3. During daylight hours your solar panels produce more energy than your home needs causing your electric meter to run backwards backwards earning you a CREDIT from your local electric company—a process called NET METERING. After the sun goes down your home will then begin using this “stored” electricity for normal use.


  • The U.S. government is currently offering financial incentives to the homeowner for investing in a residential SOLAR electric system. Depending on the state there are also state financial incentives that may be available as well.
  • The savings obtained by using SOLAR power allows one to apply those savings to the cost of the SOLAR system making it less painful to purchase the SOLAR electric system.
  • The SOLAR system adds value to the home; and,
  • Creates a great deal of “independence” from the local electric company.